The Studio

Digital Arts Production Studio

Working in the controlled environment of a professional capture space makes life easier.

DigiSo™ offers access to WV State University’s downtown Economic Development Center, freshly renovated to include a well-equipped professional capture space, editing suite and voice studio. All affordable, by the hour.  We’re adding grip gear, software, and other goodies to make this studio space extremely useful to pros, and to others in search of creative production space. Soon we’ll list all the equipment specs, and we’ll hook you up with pros who can help you pull off the production you have in mind, too!

Mobile creatives, free-lance filmmakers, webcasters, web designers, and photographers, techies, we invite you to do your thing here.

Meeting planners, organizers, community leaders, and others looking for a cool place to share information, we invite you to do your thing here, too! And, we can help make live broadcasts, taped sessions, and multimedia enhanced presentations happen.

Bring your own equipment, or use ours.

Bring your own team, or use ours.

We’re here to help you get it done.

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    You’re one click away from the master calendar of events. We’re using a new system, so as you click through to get what you want, let us know how well it works for you. We love to hear good things, but if you’ve gotta complain, we’d like you to come to us first, so we can fix things! We’re looking forward to working with you to build your business, your skills, and your interest in the creative economy. Let’s have some fun!

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